When I see myself today, who I want to be tomorrow is…..

When I see myself today, who I want to be tomorrow is a woman of FAITH. I want to be able to face any problem head on and overcome it with the word of God as my weapon. And not just to be able to recite a couple of scriptures, but to be able to apply it, supply it, and rely on the true understanding fluently. I want to be so strong in my Faith that nothing and Noone would be able to steal my joy, my praise, my will. I have faced many things in life and many times I felt completely broken by them. After a while, I overcome that feeling and look back feeling silly for even letting it get the best of me acknowledging that had my FAITH in God and his word and his promises for my life been consistent, strong, nurtured, and true, I wouldn’t have fallen victim to the acts of my own will that made things harder than they were meant to be. So for the tomorrows to come, I want to be just the opposite of today and much wiser than yesterday….Each day growing…. FAITH being my favorite statement piece.


When I see myself today, who I want to be tomorrow is change. Change from the normal, the how it is, the how it should be’s, the what it use to be, the tradition. From my experience tradition doesn’t fix, it doesn’t progress. It henders. It gets old. Tradition lacks knowledge because people focus so much on keeping it how it was without realizing that sometimes, how it was, is only because that’s all it was. Now I have access to much more, I’ve experienced much more. So now it’s time to do much more. No more repeating the same cycles, mistakes, dissapointments. No more seeing generation after generation fall into the same system of complacency. No more being ignorant to the strides that can be taken, the mountains that can be conquered, the change that can be taken. I don’t want to be my ancestors. I want to prove their ambition to be worth something. I don’t want to be my teachers, I want be their lessons well taken. I don’t want to be yesterday’s news. Because so much can be accomplished today so that tomorrow, there is change.

When I see myself today, who I want to be tomorrow is love. Every ounce of me. I want to be full of it, Covered in it, surrounded by it, and floating on it. Not to be manipulated and tossed around for personal gain. But to inspire, and comfort, and protect.

When I see myself today, who I want to be is bold.  Bold enough to challenge my peers. Bold enough to speak my truth. Bold enough to share my struggle as well as my accomplishments. Bold enough to live out loud and be confident in everything that I desire. Bold enough to walk away, bold enough to take a chance, bold enough to be vunerable, bold enough to be ME!!



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