Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! I am Kiara and this is Love, Brown. I decided to create Love,Brown after months and months of planning, looking, and interest. I wanted an area where I could go and talk about whatever I felt the need to get off of my chest (like most bloggers). A place that was my world. I’m not looking for a following or a group of people to weigh in on it(not always) but just a place to vent, explore, and live. I’ve explored many different possibilities from Vlogs, to FB groups, to social circles. All which were fine, however, I felt limited. Sooooo, then I decided to try a blog.

I am a flight attendant/full-time online student/ daughter/sister/cousin/friend/writer/poet all rolled into one. I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of interest and a lot of that I want to share with YOU!! 🙂 I hope that you share my blog if wanted, comment if desired, and indulge where comfortable. Love, Brown is my baby. IT is the beginning of my voice. My start of self discovery, a re-construction of my self-confidence, and a glance at what is going on in this active brain of mine.

Soooo, here goes. Check out my first post… Love, Brown in “Can I Just Say” in the Menu and check out the other pages in Love, Brown that interest you…. Again, please share and comment and welcome to my world!!!



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